May 30, 2008

Metro Central Orlando Florida Entrepreneurial Economic and Visitors Partnership Bureau

In her blog, The Bottom Line, Beth Kassab continues her criticism of the "newly" formed Central Florida Partnership. Personally, I think there is a need for the new organization, and I believe it can coexist with other groups with similar-but-different missions such as the Metro Orlando Economic Development Commission, the Orlando Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Disney Entrepreneur Center. I hope the CFP will drive public policy discussion about important issues like commuter rail, education and growth management - and leave the economic, tourism and start-up development to those other groups.

Nevertheless, I think the rollout of the CFP could have been handled in a more open, less contrived manner. For example, I was at the meeting in which the old chamber voted to create the new partnership, and I thought it was strange that in a crowded room, the member who made the motion and the member who seconded the motion both had microphones in hand. That's quite a coincidence. I wanted to second the motion, but I neglected to bring my microphone.

My bottom line: The CFP is very much needed in this region, but if the CFP wants to shape public policy, it would be best to include the public.

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