June 9, 2008

Disney-Las Vegas rail service

In a previous post I wrote about the competition between Orlando and Las Vegas for tourism business. Related to that issue, John Frost at The Disney Blog wrote about plans for passenger rail service between Anaheim, home of Disneyland, and Las Vegas. This would not be good news for Orlando.

When you compare Orlando and Las Vegas, the main advantage Orlando has is Walt Disney World. A rail system between Sin City and Disneyland would somewhat mitigate that advantage. Tourism promoters in Las Vegas could tout their casinos and market day trips to Disneyland.

Of course, this news also emphasizes the need for Florida to develop passenger rail service of its own, starting first with intra-city rail, then expanding to a statewide inter-city rail system, with Orlando-Miami the smartest route for the first leg.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Many of you guys think this is a fantastic idea, connecting a rail service from sin city, a place of corruption and idiotic behavior to disneyland, a place for kids to be in a clean environment. At the age of 22, I live in a time of a corrupted government that is spending more money and I will have to pay off their bad judgement calls. In a time when california has no money, no jobs, and too many liberals, I would like to understand why in the hell we would spend money on a rail when some families don't have jobs to feed their kids. This is absurb, irresponsible, and outlandish. I am not republican or democrat but I think now is a time we should be more conservative with our money and decisions for our futures. This is not going to promote jobs and will be the biggest waste of money that you all will pay for later in the end.