June 24, 2008

Orange, let us vote

The Orange County School Board will decide tonight whether or not to allow voters to decide if the position of School Board Chairman should be elected. The School Board previously refused to place the issue on the ballot, but a group called Let Us Vote Orange collected the necessary 51,411 petition signatures (10 percent of the registered voters in Orange County) to require a referendum vote. Four of the School Board members previously voted to file a lawsuit to block the vote. They will decide tonight whether or not to proceed with the lawsuit.

Personally, I don't see why an elected Chairman is needed. I live in Seminole County, which has excellent public schools and manages just fine without an elected Chairman. But ultimately, the voters should decide, especially since the ballot measure was approved through a legitimate process. The School Board should stop its efforts to block the vote, and then the debate about its merit can begin.

The meeting will begin at 5:30 p.m. at the School Board building. Click here for more information.

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