June 19, 2008

Orlando's best theme park

Every year, millions of tourists come to Orlando to visit Disney, Universal Studios and Sea World, but almost all of them miss Central Florida's best park: Wekiwa Springs State Park. Located on the Wekiva* River, this park offers an escape from urban life and a glimpse into what Florida once looked like. I strongly believe that you haven't truly experienced Florida until you have taken a canoe or a kayak on one of its rivers. Canoeing on the Wekiva is something every Central Florida resident and visitor should experience (granted if that ever happened, the crowds would ruin the experience.) So if you haven't done so already, take a trip to Wekiwa Springs and enjoy the real Florida.

* Don't ask me why, but the springs is spelled Wekiwa and the river is spelled Wekiva.

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Orlando Rentals said...

Thanks for reminding us about one of the area's best kept secrets! We often forget to mention this one, as many probably do. We appreciate the reminder :)