June 18, 2008

Public art in Orlando

The Orange County Arts & Cultural Affairs office has come up with a unique way to promote awareness of public art in Central Florida. Tapping in to growing interest in letterboxing, they have hidden letter boxes* near public art locations throughout Orange County. the idea is to encourage letterboxers (is that what they're called) and art enthusiasts alike to search for the letter boxes*, thus also discovering some of the public art venues in the region. They've posted clues online. Here's more info from their Web site:
Public Art Treasure Caches
Find clues from this website to hidden caches near various sculptures and public art objects around the county. In each box is a journal where you can leave your mark and the date you found it. There is also a stamp that you can use to stamp your own journal or "public art" passport. After you have written in the journal, and drawn something or stamped it, put the cache back where you found it so the next person can have the pleasure of finding it and putting in their mark.

Cache Instructions & Clues
* Orange County is calling their letter boxes "Public Art Treasure Caches". There must be some legal reason for that.

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